The best fish in Gdańsk – Fish Market

Fresh Products, Delicious Lobsters, Oysters and Gifts of the Baltic Sea

We cordially invite you to our Targ Rybny restaurant in the heart of Gdańsk, where we offer the best fish and seafood you can find in the Tricity. Our cuisine is based on fresh products, each ingredient of which is selected with the utmost care to guarantee you an unforgettable taste experience.

Unique Menu: Traditional Kashubian Cuisine with a Modern Accent

Under the watchful eye of our chef, Przemysław Pietrasz, we have created a menu that combines traditional Kashubian cuisine with modern Mediterranean influences. Thanks to this, our dishes are not only tasty, but also unique. We use local and seasonal ingredients to make each visit to our restaurant unique.

Specialties You Must Try

Don’t miss our specialties such as:
Lobsters – prepared with attention to every detail to delight even the most demanding gourmets.
Oysters – straight from the sea, served in a way that highlights their natural taste.
Gifts of the Baltic Sea – classic, yet always surprising combinations of flavors that draw from the richness of the local sea.

Why us?

What makes us stand out? First of all, the quality and freshness of products, passion for cooking and the unique atmosphere of our restaurant. We invite you to experience an explosion of flavors and aromas that you will remember for a long time.


We are located in a picturesque part of Gdańsk, which will make your visit to us even more pleasant. A stroll through the old town after a tasty meal is the perfect end to the day.
Don’t wait, visit us today and see why Targ Rybny is the place where we serve the best fish in Gdańsk!

Contact us

Do you want to book a table or have any questions? Contact us directly via our website or call us. We are waiting for you!

Targ Rybny Gdańsk – your place on the culinary map of the Tricity!

Kashubian Cuisine and Mediterranean Influences
Our restaurant is unique not only because of its menu, but also because of the way it combines different cuisines. We draw inspiration to create this unique combination from the Kashubian culinary tradition and Mediterranean flavors. Thanks to this, our dishes are not only unique, but also healthy and full of freshness.
Each season we change the menu to adapt it to seasonal and local products. Thanks to this, our cuisine is not only tasty, but also environmentally friendly.
We invite you to try our unique dishes and discover the combination of Kashubian and Mediterranean cuisine in one place.

Unique Events

We also organize unique events in our restaurant, such as themed dinners and wine tastings. We work with local food suppliers and leading sommeliers to create unforgettable culinary and wine experiences.
If you are looking for a unique place for a romantic dinner with your loved one or want to organize a special occasion, Targ Rybny is the perfect choice.
Thanks to our professional service and unique menu, each event becomes unique. Please contact us to arrange details and make a reservation.

Discover the Gdańsk Fish Market

We are sure that our restaurant and its unique cuisine will leave you with wonderful memories. But the Fish Market is not only a place to eat, but also an ideal place to rest and relax. We are located in the very heart of Gdańsk, right next to the beautiful Fish Market.
After your meal, we invite you to stroll through the picturesque streets of the Old Town or for a relaxing walk by the Baltic Sea. There are also numerous tourist attractions in the area, such as the National Museum and the Old Town Hall.
Discover the beauty and cultural richness of Gdańsk with a unique culinary experience at Targ Rybny. We are always ready to host and provide unforgettable moments. We invite you! ___

Sustainable gastronomy

In our restaurant, we care about the natural environment and try to use only local products. In this way, we support the development of local farms and promote healthy and sustainable food.
Our dishes are prepared from fresh ingredients, and our culinary team uses only the best food preparation techniques. Combined with delicious wines, we offer an unforgettable taste experience.
We are proud of our philosophy and we try to promote it also among our guests. Thanks to this, every meal at Targ Rybny is not only tasty, but also environmentally responsible.
Healthy food and pleasure
We believe that eating healthy can also be pleasure. That is why our menu is very diversified and adapted to various dietary preferences.
We offer dishes for vegetarians, vegans, people with food intolerances and for those who simply want to choose healthier options.
Our kitchen is open to experiments and new flavors, so you can always count on fresh and innovative dishes on our menu. Additionally, our chefs are ready to adapt dishes to your individual preferences and needs. Our goal is to provide not only a delicious, but also a healthy meal for every guest.
The atmosphere of the Fish Market
In addition to unique cuisine, at Targ Rybny we also care about the unique atmosphere. Our restaurant is designed in a rustic style combined with modern elements.
Thanks to this, our interiors are cozy and warm, perfect for spending time with family and friends. Moreover, our waiters are always smiling and ready to give you advice about our dishes and wines.
We also invite you to various events organized in our restaurant, such as wine tastings or themed culinary and cultural evenings. Thanks to them, you can learn about the diversity of culinary cultures and enrich your taste experience.
Responsible choice
As a restaurant, we also try to act responsibly for the environment. Our food is prepared from fresh, local ingredients to reduce our impact on the environment.
In addition, we strive to minimize food waste through careful planning and use of all available products on our menu. We believe that a responsible approach to eating contributes to overall health and the protection of our planet.
Welcome to the Fish Market
We are convinced that our Targ Rybny restaurant is the perfect place to meet your loved ones and enjoy delicious dishes. Not only can you experience a unique taste experience, but also feel at home thanks to our warm atmosphere.
We invite you to visit our Fish Market and see for yourself our unique dishes and unique atmosphere. We are sure that it will be an unforgettable evening for you in our restaurant. See you!

Discover new flavors

At Targ Rybny, we focus on the freshness and quality of ingredients, which translates into the unique taste of our dishes. Our menu is based on seasonal products and changes regularly to provide you with new culinary experiences.
Moreover, our chefs are constantly experimenting and introducing new flavor combinations to surprise and satisfy our guests. Discover new flavors at Targ Rybny and let yourself be carried away by your culinary journey.

Learn and have fun

The Fish Market is not only about food – it is also a place for meetings and learning. We regularly organize culinary workshops where you can learn the secrets of preparing dishes with our chefs.
We are also open to working with local farmers and suppliers to promote a healthy and conscious approach to food. We encourage you to ask questions about the origins of ingredients and share your knowledge with other guests.

We support the local community

As a restaurant, we are part of the local